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The commune of Quistinic is one of the gems of the Blavet River valley in the Department of Morbihan in South Brittany

Quistinic is best known for the village of Poul-Fetan, a living museum village. Gohic is the other side of the village centre, but has many similar charactistics. In the 1970's when both hamlets were in ruins and for sale, the Cavil family, who owned a fishing business in Lorient chose to purchase Gohic. The hamlet still benefits from the structural renovations that they carrried out to a very high quality.


Although Gohic is in a quiet location, it is just a 1km walk from 'Le Coin Tranquille' - the best Creperie in the area.


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The Gohic Circuit

All of the photos on this site are taken within the boundaries of the 5.3 hectare (13.5 acres) estate

We (the current owners) frequently ‘beat the bounds’ of the Gohic Estate. Most of the year we keep a mown track around the perimeter, which is about a 2km walk. 

We walk it in both directions to enjoy all the views. Climbing up through the woods behind the stone pond gives the finest view across to the chateau.          

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